Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Skyline beaten by Proton Satria!

Shocking surprise? No, it is not. A couple of months ago, I have uploaded the video to my youtube account with the title ‘Singapore skyline beaten by proton Satria’. Up to now, it has been watched 12,867 times. Oh I must admit the video is not mine to begin with. But I like to share something that Malaysian should be proud of. I do not remember who passed me the video. Sorry… ;)

Of course the Satria that we saw in the video not the standard gaban Satria and have been upgraded with the monster engine but what the heck, its still proton Satria.

Many comments that I received so far, quite proud with this Proton Satria and the rest still do not want to believe how Satria can beat Skyline. Well it is Drag Race. For short distance. I believe if the track a bit longer, Skyline should leave the Proton Satria maybe 100meter away. But…still Drag Race. And still the winner is that Proton Satria. And people, who still wanna argue about it, go home and play with your remote control car.

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zuhl said...

sorry..lupa nak bgtau hang..satria tu kete aku lee.. kekeke

ezza erisa said...

iye ke? :P