Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stop demanding more perks!

The government has just given civil servants a massive pay rise. While we are still digesting that news, the civil servants are at it again.

They now want first class maternity wards for everyone. They want longer maternity leave and longer time to serve in the government service? What else? Do they want an allowance for every child born? Do they want to server until they are 100? Are they so indispensable?What is going to happen to the thousands and thousands of unemployed graduates and school leavers?

Civil servants should be thankful that they are employed with perks and privileges that no other sector offers. They should realise that private sector employees do not get a housing loan. They do not get a cost of living allowance. The do not get pension. The fear of retrenchment hangs over them like the sword of Damocles.

With so many perks and privileges, what else do the civil servants want? Chauffeur-driven cars for all? It is time civil servants realised that they owe the government a living and not the other way round. They should stop demanding more and more perks and irritate the man on the street who expects good service.

They should show the public that they deserve the pay rise by changing their mindset to work harder and server the public better