Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pirate Fever!

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Duh! Pirate fever is back! I have bought a pair of ticket for this upcoming weekend to watch this super mega dumdum movie. As I did not keep the collection of pirate 1 and two, now I have to download it from the internet. Actually, I am downloading…

I do not know what to expect from this third sequel. However, I do admire Jack Sparrow character...

Oh by the way, this is a funny story about pirate movie anyway.

I have read from the newspaper, there is one guy who love Pirate of the Caribbean series and keep the previous two movies as his collection. Because of the pirate fever (opening this Thursday), he went through his collection and realise that the first movie which is Pirate of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl is missing.

He went to a DVD Store to get a new copy for that movie.

Person A: tokei, cd pirate ada? (You got pirate cd?)
Tokei: Ayya, kita tarak jual pirate...cd sini semua ori mari oo (We did not sell any pirated cd, its all original cd here).

Suppose to be funny if you face this kind of situation in the right moment but when I become your storyteller, its not sound funny. Huhu

Person A: ayya tokei. Pirate of the Caribbean la. Bukan cd pirate
Tokei: Lu bagi tau awal-awallah. Ada ada.

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