Friday, May 11, 2007

New DVD Writer!

Bought a new Double layer DVD Writer yesterday! Since I love to download stuff, songs, photos, movies, tv series... I need thing that can copy them into the DVD. Prior to this, I bought myself 250GB external hard drive but still, the satisfaction is not there. I need more than an external hard drive. I need DVD Writer to burn my great pleasure hobbies into DVD format. Erm.. the next thing I will go after is DVD Player with USB Port available. hihih. and come together with DivX technology for sure.

So that DVD Player can play from my external hard drive itself. Hey hey hey. I not person who love gadget. (HONESTLY!)

Oh, by the way, how many of us know what DVD stand for?

"Digital Versatile Disk." (Formerly Digital Video Disk.) Same size as a CD but stores seven times CD capacity on a single side. DVDs can also be double-sided or dual layer. Today most DVDs are used to display full-length commercial motion pictures, plus additional material such as outtakes, director's notes, movie trailers, etc."

So here I am..proudly present my new DVD Writer...hihih

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sebol said...

kalau pemain dvd yang ada USB, aku tak pandai.
tapi kalau nak dvd player yg best value for money, amik pioneer DV 696 AVS.

kalau nak DVD player yang untuk kualiti audio & video betul2, amik Pioneer DV 989.

ezza erisa said...

antara Pioneer dengan Panasonic, mana lagi elok?

Panasonic the last time aku check price almost RM400 (with DivX tech) tapi tadak USB port..

Anonymous said...

hok aloh...dvd writer baru la pulaks....:p


Adreen said...

aku pakai pioneer.
ok je

buleh ler ko tgk dexter dgn aman ye

ezza erisa said...

since ramai suggest pioneer..macam best saja..aku nak try usha lah berapa dia punya price..

tula adreen..dexter dexter..

bunuh bunuh..cincang..hahah

sebol said...

ko punya pioneer model apa?

antara sony, pioneer & panasonic..

panasonic aku suka gambarkan jenama yang barang dia tahan lama.

sony aku gambarkan sebagai yg suka cutting edge. tapi cepat rosak sikit.

pioneer, terbaik dalam segi kualiti audio video.

ezza erisa said... masih lagi berada di dalam list recommended..

will go for it!..tapi..tapi tunggu next gaji la gayanye..hihih